All eyes now on Edu Gaspar

With Raul Sanllehi having been relieved of his duties with the club, the likes of Edu gaspar, Vinai Venkatesham, Huss Fahmy and even Mikel Arteta will be expected to pull more weight going into the future. The man awarded the nickname, Don Raul was seemingly involved with pretty much everything going on at the club and the power he held was incredible. Now that he is gone, the others within the regime will be expected to pick up the slack left upon his abrupt departure.

Vinai has come forth stating that he will be more involved with the business side of things, seeing as that is his area of expertise given his background in oil. Fahmy, as he already was, will be tasked with negotiating contracts. However, with that being said, various reports have stated that he may be following Raul out the exit door.

Arteta will be expected to coach the players and oversee the on pitch proceedings as well as facing the media most consistently. And finally, Edu will be the man who is likely going to have to pick up the majority of Raul’s tasks by acting as an avenue between that of Arteta and Stan Kroenke.

The exact reasons for the departure of Raul Sanllehi are unknown. Some speculate that it was thanks to Tim Lewis, who is Arsenal’s latest addition to the board, whilst Raul himself has blamed COVID in his departure letter. With the redundancies announced and the scouting network dismantled, it seems as though the club are doing their best to streamline things to create the right type of organisational structure to cope with the post-COVID world.

The pressure is well and truly on the Brazilian invincible and if he doesn’t, deliver it will be his head on the chopping block. While supporters do have love and respect for the now corporate invincible, the well-being of the club is far more important than that of the former players’.

Vinai said it himself, Arsenal are “impatient” when it comes to being back at the very top and winning the top trophies again. If Edu does his job effectively then maybe the gunners will end up back where they belong, however it is a tall task for the Sao Paulo born man.

The 42-year-old will essentially be the focal point in regards to bringing in players and that is an area which is incredibly important at the moment. It likely will be for the next few years. Acquiring quality footballers to improve your side is always critical, but when the club is going through a “re-build” then it is arguably the most pivotal job there is.

Edu will either be a hit or a miss and now is the moment for him to prove himself. The onus was on Raul but now it has shifted onto the technical director, primarily. It has been stated that he and Arteta will be more involved with player purchasing than they were when Raul was at the helm, so the pressure is on each of them to deliver. That being said, the bulk will be bestowed onto the Brazilian seeing as he is the main avenue between KSE and the first team.

The time of reckoning has arrived for Edu, he’s now well and truly at the wheel. Will his status at Arsenal remain invisible or will he crash and burn under the copious pressure and see his reputation with the club tarnished?

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